The Top 20 Games of 2016 So Far…

8 – Far Cry Primal (PS4, X1, PC)

Summary: Far Cry goes prehistoric and leaves technology behind for the ability to tame the wild.


Far Cry took it back to prehistoric times this year in Far Cry Primal. Play as a hunter who learns how to harness the power of the wild to destroy rival tribes. Obviously, guns and vehicles weren’t around back then, so instead, you have to rely on spears, clubs and bows to defend yourself. Far Cry Primal is brutal and unforgiving and the lack of technology alters the way you approach combat — this makes for an interesting (and fun) new direction for the series.

Top 20 Games of 2016 Far Cry Primal


7 – XCOM 2 (PC)

Summary: Lead 4 to 6 person squads in turn-based tactical combat.


There’s a stark feeling of desperation in this post-apocalyptic tale of humanity’s rise against a superior alien race. Commanding 4-6 units to conquer territory from a seemingly overpowered enemy, XCOM 2 is surprisingly addictive with its tactically deep combat system and it makes for some pretty intense white-knuckle action.

Top 20 Games of 2016 XCOM 2


6 – Quantum Break (X1)

Summary: The team behind Max Payne brings you a shooter where time is your greatest weapon.


Quantum Break is a clear evolution of the cinematic shoot em’ up style that  Max Payne, this time we have the power to use time to slow down the fight, shield and dodge to alter the odds of surviving in your favor. Quantum Break is a blend of a sci-fi action game with live action television style cut scenes to drive the narrative.

Top 20 Games of 2016 Quantum Break


5 – Dark Souls III (PS4, X1, PC)

Summary: More punishing difficulty for those who like pain.


If the first Dark Souls pushed your patience to the absolute limits then you know what you’re getting into with Dark Souls III. Explore gothic castles while battling giant creatures from hell and as you would expect, you take a small step forward just to get knocked back again, again, and again. This time there’s rich lore, grander boss fights and beautiful backdrops to the levels which make the third a contender (and likely winner) for best in the series.

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