3 Things I Love (and 3 Things I Don’t Love) About The Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X

Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X

I’ve had the pleasure of testing out the Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X for Xbox Series X on Microsoft Flight Simulator and let me tell you, I will never fly with just a controller again. The T.Flight Full Kit X isn’t cheap, but if you’re a die-hard Microsoft Flight Simulator pilot, then there really is no better way to play.

The set includes three components, the left throttle, the flight stick, and the rudder pedals. The throttle is designed to adjust your speed, requiring a full grip of your left hand to push it forward to increase speed and pull it back to decrease speed. The flight stick pitches and rolls your aircraft. And the rudder pedals tie the package together by handling the plane rudders. It’s a pretty brilliant set up and I felt like a legit pilot. Allow me to share with you the three things that I absolutely love (and three things that I didn’t) about the T.Flight Full Kit X.


3 Things I Love About the Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X

1. Beautiful Build

Everything about the build feels amazing. Not an ounce of cheap plastic here. The throttle is life-size, giving an authentic feel as you push it forward to accelerate. The flight stick has a smooth feel, with easy access to the various buttons, including a handy hat switch within thumbs reach. Finally, the rudders are crafted from industrial-grade aluminum, making them feel sturdy. This is an accessory that is built to last. It’s also an accessory that is sure to impress anyone who sees them on display in your gaming room.

2. Authentic Controls

I’ve been enjoying Microsoft Flight Simulator for a while now, but primarily with an Xbox Series X controller. The basic experience and awe-inspiring views were there, but it never quite captured the feel of flying. This changed when I started using the T.Flight Full Kit X. As soon as you take hold of the controls, you feel like you’re truly piloting an actual aircraft. Especially using the throttle and flight stick – it’s difficult to put into words how authentic it felt. Granted, I’m still having some difficulties learning how to use the rudders properly, and I’m not sure if that’s just because my feet are so big or I just lack the coordination needed. With that said, I can’t imagine going back to just using a controller.

3. Convenience

I was absolutely shocked at how easy this product was to set up. Everything was pre-assembled, all I needed to do was plug the rudder cord into the flight stick, then plug the flight stick into the Xbox Series X via USB. Just one USB outlet was needed for the entire setup. There were no additional setup requirements in-game, it just worked. Another cool feature was the ability to attach the throttle and flight stick together into one unit or keep them apart. I personally preferred keeping them apart. And finally, there is a little switch on the T.Flight Full Kit X that allows you to switch from Xbox to PC, allowing you to use this accessory on PC.


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