The Division Has Some Badass Easter Eggs And We Tracked Them Down

Mr. Bean

The hit British sitcom star, Rowan Atkinson is perhaps best known as Mr.Bean. The character of Mr. Bean, best known for ridiculous antics and an almost utter lack of words, gets a morbid recreation in The Division. In one episode of the fames show, Mr.Bean buys a chair and ties it to the hood of his car then rides it home. The car is different but the chair in this Easter egg is tied exactly the same way but instead has a corpse sitting on top — let’s just pretend that’s not our beloved Mr. Bean.

Find the contraption near the bottom right hand area of the map in the Stuyvesant area. Unless you have high level friends to guide you, keep a low profile if you’re below level 14 because it’s an 18-19 zone. Head to the WarrenGate Power Plant mission and follow Avenue C until it turns right into a loop. Follow that loop and you’ll see the car surrounded by enemy forces at an apartment complex.

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Adventure Time

Ever watch the cartoon, Adventure Time? If the answer is no, we need you to stop what you’re doing and head over to the Cartoon Network ASAP because it’s brillinat. If it’s yes, then you’ll know exactly what Ubisoft was up to when they prepared this graffiti mural on a playground wall. It features two characters who look similar to the TV show, and the art style is pretty bang-on too. Travel to the playground off West 29th street between 9th and 8th on Pennsylvania plaza, the giant tagged wall is nearly impossible to miss.


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