The Division Has Some Badass Easter Eggs And We Tracked Them Down

Breaking Bad

EDITOR’S NOTE: Major spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the finale of Breaking Bad.

Find an echo playback of two people identical to Walter White and Jessie Pinkman having a drink at a party. With echos you can scan certain people to reveal a profile, walk around the party and scan the person with their hood up talking to an elderly man. So many points hit home on this one: the name of two people are William White and Jonathan Pinkman, William is a chemist teacher and operated a car wash, Jonathan is unemployed with a criminal record. Even their current status speaks on the Breaking Bad finale, William White is deceased and Jonathan is unknown which in the show, Jesse survived and was last seen driving into the night.

Head to Wolves Den safe house and walk between 47th and 49th St at the corner of 9th Ave and find a ladder that leads to a staircase. Climb to the roof and find an empty lounge — the playback is located in the center of the rooftop.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

COWABUNGA! The Division is set in New York, which is exactly the same setting as our big green, crime-fighting friends named after famous renaissance artists. We’re not sure if the Ninja Turtles survived the outbreak but you can find remnants of their existence in the game world. Travel to The Fire Room safe house and simply walk out the front entrance, turn to the alley beside the building and walk to the dumpster — on top you’ll see a pizza box and two swords. I’m sure we’re asking too much for some Heroes in a Half-Shell DLC, right?

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