The Biggest Video Games To Look Out For In Early 2016


February will look to kick off strong on February 2 with two different ports coming to PlayStation 4: Gravity Rush Remastered and Not A Hero. Both games garnered praise on Vita and PC, respectively, but look to garner the audience they deserve on Sony’s console.

The first huge release of 2016 will be XCOM 2. The second full-fledged offering into 2K’s well received reboot is PC-only this time around, and it’ll be interesting to see how that decision works out for the publisher. Check out our recent hands-on impressions with the strategy game to see what you’re in for.

XCOM 2 won’t hog the spotlight for long, though, as a trio of interesting downloadable titles are set to release 4 days later. Firewatch, Unravel, and Mighty No. 9 all share the same release date in what is going to be a very busy day for gamers. Firewatch is Campo Santo’s debut game, and the first-person adventure looks fantastic. The studio was founded by former Telltale Games staff, Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman, who left the studio after being the creative leads on The Walking Dead: Season One. Platformer fans will have the gorgeous platformer Unravel to check out, and the oft-delayed crowdfunded¬† title Mighty No. 9 will finally see release.


Gamers will get a quick moment to catch their breath until Street Fighter V launches on February 16. Capcom’s popular fighting game is console exclusive to PlayStation 4, but is also coming to PC. The two platforms can even play online together, so the exclusivity ended up creating a unified player base. This is exciting news for a fighting game, and it’s great to see that the community won’t be divided.

Then on February 23, EA and Ubisoft will go head-to-head when they launch two shooters, albeit very different ones. Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal looks to be an interesting twist on a series that had gotten a little stale, and this looks to be just the shake-up that it needs. Meanwhile Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 will bring more team-based multiplayer fun to consoles. Both kids and adults will have plenty of good reasons to end February by shooting enemies.

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