What Will the Story of the New Marvel WWII Game Be?

Marvelous Generation

Last week, we got a short teaser of an upcoming Marvel WWII game developed by Skydance New Media. It was under a minute long, so there isn’t a whole lot to see, not even a title. However, if you know your Marvel stuff, there is a lot to speculate on, particularly what kind of story the game will follow.

The truth is, the character art tells us everything we need to know. We see Paris and Wakanda on the ends, as well as Gabe Jones, Black Panther, Captain America, and Nanali from left to right. Check out a brief description of the characters here. Possible spoilers from here on out.

New Marvel Game

Flags of Our Fathers

We may see the Marvel WWII game follow the Flags of Our Fathers storyline. In 2010, a four-part series featuring Black Panther and Captain America called Flags of Our Fathers was issued. It tells the story of HYDRA’s attempted invasion of Wakanda, forcing King Azzuri (sometimes called Chanda) to defend his country.

Wakanda, known for its wealth of Vibranium, became a target of Adolf Hitler. Baron Strucker and Red Skull were sent to invade and bring Vibranium back to turn the tide of the war. Following the Nazis to Wakanda, Captain America and the Howling Commandos meet Azzuri the Black Panther. After a brief scuffle between Cap and Black Panther, the two earn each other’s respect.

The Wakandan Royal Palace is attacked on multiple fronts, where Azzuri’s son is taken hostage. Gabe Jones rescues T’Chaka and as thanks, Azzuri offers him citizenship in Wakanda, though he declines. Several WWII-era villains appear in this series, such as While Gorilla, Warrior Woman, and Master Man.

Most of this story takes place in Wakanda, but it appears that we will see Black Panther venture out into the larger world. The game may follow an adapted version of this story, borrowing elements of it and combining the with another established or original story.

Marvel's Avengers War For Wakanda

Claws vs Klaws

Azzuri was first canonically introduced in a flashback. During WWII, Wakanda was attacked by Nazis, leaving one surviving invader. This was Fritz Klaue, father of the classic Black Panther villain Ulysses Klaue. Klaue was taken in, nursed back to health, and befriended by King Azzuri and Queen Nanali. Fritz Klaue grew to really love Wakanda.

Fritz had Wakandans built a large panther idol and wanted them to worship it as a god instead of a brother spirit. Azzuri refused this, angering Klaue. Fritz attacked Azzuri, but Nanali was killed. After another fight between Klaue and Black Panther, Klaue was defeated and fled back to Germany.

The Marvel WWII game probably won’t follow this storyline too directly. Since Nanali is an important character in the game, it would not make much sense for her to be killed. It could take place before she and Azzuri marry though. Black Panther may be in Paris in pursuit of Fritz Klaue though.

It is mere speculation that either of these storylines could be used in the new game. The characters used in the teaser are no accident though. The new Marvel WWII game has no release date, supporting platforms, or even a working title. It may be a while before we get any answers to what exactly this game is.

New Marvel Game

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