Who Are the Characters in Skydance New Media’s New Marvel Game?

Four Heroes. Two Worlds. One War.

Yesterday, during the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, new games and new game content was announced. One of the big ticket items was a new Marvel game from Skydance New Media. This game’s title has yet to be officially revealed, but its teaser gives us a clear picture of what it is.

The game will be set during World War II. Captain America is busy fighting Hydra in Paris, when he encounters an enhanced individual from a strange land: Black Panther. The teaser image shows Captain America, Black Panther, a Howling Commando, and a female Wakandan warrior.

New Marvel Game

We all know, who Captain America is. Steve Rogers and his iconic shield in red, white, and blue. Most people know Black Panther as T’Challa, but that is not who this Black Panther is. Azzuri is King of Wakanda during this time and father to T’Chaka, who would be the father of T’Challa.

To the left of Black Panther is Gabe Jones. He is one of the Howling Commandos under command of Nick Fury. Gabe and Captain America travel to Wakanda, meet Azzuri, and fight alongside him. Azzuri even offers Wakandan citizenship to Gabe for helping him, though he declines.

The woman next to Captain America is Nanali, the Wakandan Queen at the time. Though she does not appear very much in the comics, her role seems to be upgraded for this game.

There is no release date or supporting platforms for this new Marvel game. We don’t even have a title yet. Hopefully, we get some more information soon.

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