The Outer Worlds: 6 New Features We Didn’t Know About and Love

3. The Freedom to be Free

When the new trailer tells you that you could be anyone, you REALLY could be anyone. The Outer Worlds doesn’t just offer up options in their dialogue menu and accepting a mission does not mean you have to see it through to the end – at least not the way you started it. In the gameplay we saw, the player was hired to assassinate a gangster’s natural enemy – a rival gangster. Not only did the game offer multiple ways to address the mission based entirely on the wide variety of available skills, but encountering the target gives you several options on how to proceed such as murdering them immediately, talking to them first and then killing them, attempting to barter a peace between them, or switching sides and killing the person who hired you. We were assured this was only one example of the hundreds of opportunities for your decisions and playstyle to design your character.

2. At Last, a Positive Side-Effect of Cryosleep!

The Outer Worlds is still at its core a first-person shooter, and in that vein, players need to have options to customize and builds their playstyles to suit their character. The game includes something of a staple feature in which aiming down sights can allow you to slow down time to line up the perfect headshot – which is followed by a slick bulletcam. This is explained as a side-effect of an unnaturally long hypersleep – I mean, cryosleep. It may not necessarily be innovative, but explaining it away and making it an upgradeable feature is pretty cool. Did we also mention when looking through a scope you’ll be able to see what effect shooting a body part will have? Whether its an instakill, a stun shot, or a crippling shot, you’ll know what to expect when you pull the trigger.

outer worlds

1. Back Up’s Got Your Back

The leadership tree in The Outer Worlds will allow you to not only recruit allies for combat but enhance them with their own skills and powers. From what we saw in the demo they remain ever present in conversation and only appear on the field when combat begins, meaning they won’t be in the way or get stuck on a door somewhere and need saving. Their AI looked impressive and their witty banter and dialogue was inspired. Remember those conversational abilities like Intimidation and Charm? Your equipped companions can add their own stats to yours to increase your power and try to make your persuasion all the more effective. Whether in a gun fight or an argument, back up truly has got your back.

And that’s our list. What do you think of these additions to The Outer Worlds? Are you as pumped as we are to play it in October? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below, and be sure to keep it locked on COGconnected for all your E3 news.