Ranking 5 of the Most Original Moms in Video Games

3. Brigid Tenenbaum (BioShock 2)

One of the originators of the gene splicing plasmid ADAM, Brigid furthered her research by developing a more efficient farming method by implanting ADAM carrying sea slugs into the bodies of little girls. Originally an Ayn Randian archetype, Brigid soon comes to regret her part in the corruption of these young girls and becomes a mother and protector to those she had turned into scientific experiments, developing a method to revert the girls back to their original selves. Half mad scientist, half maternal humanist, Brigid is a major plot character that really drives the story of BioShock 2.

Mother's Day

2. Lily Bowen (Fallout: New Vegas) 

The funniest follower that you can recruit in Fallout: New Vegas. Lily’s not so much a mom as she is a grandmother. A 75-year-old woman that was dipped into the vats of the Forced Evolutionary Virus, Lily Bowen is a nightkin super mutant. She serves as a test subject for Dr. Henry who is attempting to cure the invisibility madness that plagues the nightkin.  She has a psychotic alter ego named Leo who takes possession in the middle of combat. Despite her terrifying appearance, she’s still a sweet old lady on the inside and carries around a holotape of her grandchildren so that she can never forget them.

Mother's Day

1. Dr. Elizabet Sobeck (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Does it really count as being a mom if it turns out you’re a clone of the woman you thought was your mother? Horizon Zero Dawn follows the story of Aloy as she tries to find the roots of her past. We spend a great amount of time thinking that Elizabet Sobeck, a scientist from the past, is her mother and one of the instigators of the great cataclysm that plunges the Earth into a primitive state. Turns out Aloy actually *is* Sobeck all along, a clone created by GAIA to help kickstart the reseeding of the Earth.

Mother's Day

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