10 Nintendo Switch Games That Need to be Announced at E3 2018

Kid Icarus: Uprising HD

The Nintendo 3DS was a fantastic handheld, but there’s no denying that its lack of power and buttons held some titles back. We’ve all seen the huge success that Monster Hunter has had since going back to consoles, and the only other 3DS mainstay that was equally as harmed by being on the system was Kid Icarus: Uprising. The stellar action game was only held back by some awkward control schemes, and an updated version utilizing dual-stick aiming could be something really special.

Nintendo E3 2018 predictions

Super Mario Odyssey DLC

Most Nintendo Switch owners bought and enjoyed Super Mario Odyssey, so it seems like some additional DLC is a no-brainer.┬áLuigi’s Balloon World was released earlier this year, and it should be just the tip of the iceberg. A full-fledged expansion, one possibly starring another character like Peach, would be huge, and nobody will complain about getting more content for one of the best platformers ever made.

Nintendo E3 2018 predictions