15 NES Games That Need to Come to Nintendo Switch Online

15 NES Games on Switch That Need to be Ported Over

One of the coolest announcements to go alongside the Nintendo Switch Online reveal was that some of the best Nintendo Entertainment System games were coming to Switch. The service will allow players to play these retro hits online with friends and will be the main perk of the subscription. So far confirmed games include Soccer, Marios Bros., Ice Climber, Tennis, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario Bros. 3. All fantastic games in their own right, but there’s still plenty of unconfirmed classics waiting in Nintendo’s library.

Since licensing is sure to be an issue, I only selected first-party titles for this article. That means you won’t find classics like Mega Man, Castlevania, and Final Fantasy on this list. All of those are wonderful titles, but it’s not yet clear if any third-party games will make their way over yet.

With that in mind, here are 15 NES games that need to come to Nintendo Switch. While multiplayer titles were at an advantage due to the new online capabilities being added, plenty of single-player gems received some love as well Let us know which ones you’d like to see in the comment section below!

15 NES Games on Switch That Need to be Ported Over

Donkey Kong Jr.

That dastardly Mario serves as the villain in this classic Nintendo title. The frantic arcade gameplay has held up well over the years, and it still packs quite the challenge. I’d also love to see Donkey Kong Jr. Math come to Switch, but I realize that I’m probably in the minority on that one.

Ice Hockey

Not all of Nintendo’s early sports titles were great, but Ice Hockey wound up being one of the company’s best multiplayer games. Featuring three different types of players, the game manages to stay true to the sport while also being instantly accessible to all.

15 NES Games on Switch That Need to be Ported Over

Pro Wrestling

Ah, the classic that brought Starman to the masses. This sports entertainment game (weirdly named Pro Wrestling) was one of the earliest digital recreations of simulated combat. Not only is it better than some of its modern-day counterparts, but it also features an awesome soundtrack.

Duck Hunt

This one will take some work to bring over, but World of Goo showed how well Joy-Cons can work for games that require pointing controls. Bringing back this nostalgic title would be a real treat. Just maybe adjust that annoying dog so he doesn’t laugh at you every time you miss. Hunters have feelings too, ya know!

15 NES Games on Switch That Need to be Ported Over