10 Sequels That Could Make Sony’s E3 2018 the Best Conference Ever

10 Sony E3 2018 Games That Could Make This Year’s Show Legendary

There’s no more exciting time for video game fans than E3. It’s when the biggest gaming news of the year is dropped from unprecedented partnerships to new releases in some of the biggest franchises in all of gaming. Traditionally, most of these announcements come from publisher press conferences that take place before the show, and Sony has demonstrated a great knowledge of how to play to their audience in recent years.

While last year’s show may not have wowed gamers as much as the past two years, Sony still managed to win over the crowd with Spider-Man footage and the surprise Shadow of the Colossus remake. This year they’ll be looking to outdo themselves, and I think they can do just that if they focus on sequels. Be them already announced or surprises, Sony has some of the most beloved properties in gaming and should leverage that fact to the best of their ability.

With that in mind, here are 10 sequels that could make Sony’s E3 2018 press conference their best one ever. Obviously a good conference won’t be entirely sequel-focused, but history has shown that players often want something familiar to latch onto rather than something brand new. Let us know which ones you’d like to see in the comment section below!

Sony E3 2018 Games

Nioh 2

Team Ninja had a small streak of disappointing releases, but the Japanese developer came back in a big way with Nioh. The action game wound up being one of 2017’s biggest surprises, and even managed to win over some players that weren’t fans of the Souls formula. A sequel seems likely, and having such a fan-favorite title get announced at E3 would be a big win for Sony.

Sony E3 2018 Games

Shenmue III

Sony had the honor of announcing Shenmue III (or more accurately, its Kickstarter campaign) during their 2015 press conference, and the game has kept a relatively low profile since. Developers update have shown the game making steady progress towards its 2018 release, and it’s now or never for a big gameplay reveal.

Sony E3 2018 Games

Uncharted PSVR

PlayStation VR has had a solid reception since launch, but it’s really lacking in terms of big exclusives. Sony hasn’t leveraged their brands to propel their tech into a must-buy product for gamers. An Uncharted spin-off could do the trick, and while some gamers will inevitably be upset that they can’t play it, a system needs worthwhile exclusives if anyone is going to want to buy it (take note, Microsoft). My suggestion would be a combat-less title starring Victor Sullivan, whose charm could carry a game by its own.

Sony E3 2018 Games