10 Sequels That Could Make Sony’s E3 2018 the Best Conference Ever

Sly Cooper

Okay, so Knack hasn’t worked out. That doesn’t mean that Sony shouldn’t have a cute platformer mascot, though. Considering Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time ended with an interesting cliffhanger, it’d be nice to see that story continued. Either way, there’s plenty that the stealthy raccoon could do, and there’s no doubt that a game would look great on PlayStation 4.

Sony E3 2018 Games

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (But This Time as a Battle Royale)

I’m half-joking with this one, but let’s look at the facts. Battle Royale titles are all the rage right now. Sony has an established title with Battle Royale in the title. Considering how many late to the party shooters are popping up, a game needs a real hook to stand out in the genre. A hero shooter spin on the genre (similar to what Paladins Battlegrounds is doing) paired with recognizable names could definitely be just that. Alternatively, Sony could just make another Smash Bros.-like platform fighter, and that’d be just fine too.

Sony E3 2018 Games

Open-World Gran Turismo

As much as I loveĀ Gran Turismo, there’s no denying that Sony’s premier racing simulator comes across as pretty pretentious. From its menus to having an in-game encyclopedia filled with world events, it’s far from the most accessible game. Considering GT Sport gave diehard players everything they wanted from a sim, a more Forza Horizon-esque arcade take could really open up the series to a new audience. The blueprint and framework already exists for Sony to do something special here.

Sony E3 2018 Games

Let us know what you think. What sequels do you want to see from Sony’s E3 2018 press conference? Tell us in the comments below.