10 Nintendo Switch Games That Need to be Announced at E3 2018

Mario Strikers 3

Ignoring the disappointment that is Mario Sports Superstars, it’s been over a decade since Mario properly laced up his football cleats. Considering how popular the Nintendo Switch is among athletes and how well it’s suited for local multiplayer, a new Mario Strikers title seems like the perfect fit. It would certainly make everyone’s flights much less of a bore. Plus, Nintendo needs more great multiplayer games to really sell the Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Nintendo E3 2018 predictions

Switch Sports

The Nintendo Switch has been a shocking success for Nintendo, and they’re reaching the widest audience they have in a decade. Considering 1-2-Switch failed to reach the casual market, it might be the right time to go back to an old favorite. The Wii Sports titles were remade for Wii U, and with some tweaking they could be adapted to work on Switch. Obviously the cultural phenomenon of the original can’t be replicated, but this could still be quite the valuable title for the company.

Nintendo E3 2018 predictions


Retro Studios’ Game

Some members of Retro stayed busy while porting Tropical Freeze to Switch, but that hasn’t kept the entire team occupied. The talented studio is busy working on something mysterious, and their pedigree alone already makes it one of the Switch’s most anticipated titles. Only time will tell if it’s an original game or another reimagining of a classic series, but either way it’s about time to show something!

Nintendo E3 2018 predictions