Meta Quest 2: Five Must-Have Games for Your New VR Headset

Here Are 5 Meta Quest 2 Games to Get Right Away

Congratulations. You just got your hands on a Meta Quest 2 (formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2). Now you’re ready to dive into VR. The good news is the Meta Quest 2 has tons of amazing games to choose from. And all without the need for any extra PC connection. The bad news? With so many offerings, you may not know where to start. But fear not. We at COGconnected have you covered. We’ve picked five of the absolute best VR games to start with. These are all tried and tested, certified quality offerings. Here are five of the best Meta Quest 2 games you need to have in your library.

Beat Saber – Beat Games

If you’ve ever wanted to wield your own lightsaber, and you like rhythm games, Beat Saber will be your new favourite. Swing the lightsaber and chop blue and red boxes to the beat of ever-faster techno music. As a bonus, you’ll work up a major sweat while you do. Like many Meta Quest 2 games, Beat Saber is a great workout disguised as fun. This game has been among VR’s best-selling titles forever, and if you play it you’ll see why.

Beat Saber

Demeo – Resolution Games

Demeo is one of the best translations of a tabletop RPG on any platform, period. It’s a co-op adventure through monster infested dungeons. Choose one of 5 classes and help your team of up to three other humans finish each level and eventually kill the boss for big rewards. It’s no longer a VR exclusive (a 2D version is coming in April), but it is still one the best games on the Meta Quest 2.


The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Skydance Interactive

Saints & Sinners is a surprisingly-deep and we’ll-written take on The Walking Dead. It’s a survival horror game that takes full advantage of the VR medium. Using motion controls, you battle zombies — naturally. Wielding guns, bottles, bats or whatever else you can find, you try to make it in post-apocalyptic New Orleans. With regular updates including a hefty Aftershocks expansion DLC, this is a title that is a must-buy on Meta Quest 2.


I Expect You to Die 2 – Schell Games

The first game in this series was good, but I Expect You to Die 2 took the James Bond-inspired escape-room thrills to a new level. Possibly the best VR game of 2021, this is one game that will force you to really use your brain to solve its diabolical puzzles and, well … not die. But don’t worry. Even though you will die A LOT, the snappy writing and spot-on voice acting will have you laughing as well as rage-crying.


Trover Saves the Universe – Squanch Games

Fans of Rick and Morty will be in heaven playing Trover Saves the Universe. Written and voiced by Justin Roiland, it’s chock full of the same chaotic humour and and improvised dialogue. But even if you’ve never heard of the cult-fave show, Trover Saves the Universe is just a really well made adventure game. It’s got tight platforming, smart puzzles and a hilarious story. Trust me, this is a Meta Quest 2 game that’ll suck you in right from the start.



Well, now you’re all set. Those are five awesome, must-have games you need to get ASAP for your new Meta Quest 2. And remember to check out our full range of coverage for all things Meta Quest 2 and VR, as we keep an eye out for the fantastic titles set to hit the platform in the coming months and years!