Elysium Trials Blasts to Release on Steam and Meta Quest 2

Skill-Based Shooting 

When you’re railroaded into battle, you better be accurate. Especially when taking out the right enemy is essential to your victory. Today, Filotimo Innovations LLC is happy to announce the release of their fantasy shooter, Elysium Trials. Out now on Steam and Meta Quest 2, the game invites players to fight their way through a fantasy world using lightning magic. A press release provides more details on the game and its core gameplay loop. Additionally, a launch trailer gives players a look at the game and its art style. 

Elysium Trials

Elysium Trials invites players to a fantasy world where they will be put into battle against hordes of monsters. Importantly, players do have lightning magic. Using these magical powers, players will need to eliminate the threats thrown at them. However, there is a catch. Players gain more scores and points by eliminating enemies by exploiting their weaknesses as well as killing the right enemies first. Killing the wrong enemies or not killing them fast enough could land you in a world of trouble. 

Importantly the game allows players to battle through different difficulty modes, competing on leaderboards for a higher score. The highest of these difficulties is known as champion mode where only the best players can survive. Of course, there are varying enemy types that each pose a different threat, including dragons. Players can check out the game’s launch trailer below for a better glimpse of what they can expect. 

Elysium Trials is out now on Steam and Meta Quest 2.