Three Things We Loved (And Hated) About EA Sports NHL 17 Beta

NHL 17 Beta Love Hate List

The NHL 17 beta delivers three online game modes that showcase improvements to the game, as well as some of the additional content and changes that will be available when the full game is released in September. Below are the three best and the three worst parts of the NHL 17 beta. Enjoy!

The Love List

Graphics and Soundtrack

Over the years, the graphics and soundtrack of the game never fail to impress. This year is no different, with crisp graphics and a fantastic soundtrack. The NHL 17 beta graphics show off every detail on and off the ice and the players look more in likeness to the real athletes than ever before. The music is upbeat and there is a good variety of music available, from The Chainsmokers to The Sheepdogs. This is a definite highlight of what is to come!

Improved Gameplay

From improved net play, to better stick to puck control, NHL 17 focuses on improving the authentic feel of the game. The AI have become smarter, and the skating has improved, making the gameplay better than ever. The goalies have better positional awareness, and a larger range of movement, making it easier for them to make exceptional saves. It has become more difficult to deke the AI out and there is an increased likelihood for a loose puck as a result of more accurate body and poke checking. Due to the added net battles, one-timers are increasingly difficult to accomplish without losing the puck, let alone ending with a goal. While these areas of puck control and stick-handling take a bit of getting used to, with a bit of practice they improve both the enjoyability and realism of the game completely.

NHL 17

Lots of Content Available

The beta for NHL 17 highlights three online game modes: Hockey Ultimate Team, EA Sports Hockey League and Online Versus. In Hockey Ultimate Team, there have been some changes to improve team dynamics with synergy: perks that improve your team lineups. This mode also allows for a bit of practice, with a season available to play offline. This season is useful for earning coins to collect new players and consumables, improving your Ultimate Team before facing an opponent online. The EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL) allows you to take complete control of a team of your choice, and focuses on leveling up your player to unlock new items for customization. This mode caters to groups who play together, as they are games of 5 versus 5. As the majority of players in this mode are drop ins, varying both in level and skill, this game mode challenges players to work as a team to defeat the opposition. Unlike EASHL, Online Versus is 1 versus 1. This mode really showcased the improvements made to NHL 17. From the net battles, to the differences in stick-handling, adapting to my opponent’s play style was the only way to end up victorious.

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