Jill and Leon Resident Evil Watches Are Much Better Than Advertised

SuperGroupies Resident Evil Watches Impressions

SuperGroupies have been quickly established themselves as the go-to for high-quality video game merchandise. Last month, we shared with you our impressions of a Demon Souls watch and backpack. In both instances, Erin walked away impressed, but this isn’t surprising. Everything we have received from SuperGroupies has surpassed expectations. The merch is far from gimmicky. While some items maybe a little on the pricey side (and hard to get), there is no question it’s great quality stuff. And these Resident Evil watches are no different.

Like other timepieces from SuperGroupies, the Resident Evil watches are sharp and classy looking featuring thick leather wristbands. Both the Jill and Leon watches feature wide leather straps. It stands out on your wrist.

Out of the box, the strap is stiff, so it does take a bit to break them in. After a full day of wear, they molded nicely to my wrist. Typically, I am not a fan of leather straps as I sweat easily and the strap can become a bit gross; however, these straps do look great. They compliment the watch and the Resident Evil vibe it’s going for perfectly. I usually swap out the leather straps but I won’t be doing that this time around anytime soon.

The watches scream collector’s item as well. Who knows, they could be worth a mint down the road. I am not a collector of video game merch myself, but I completely understand if you are picking up the watches as merely a collector’s item.

Resident Evil Series

If you are planning on wearing them, and I encourage you to do so, they are geared for more casual wear. That said, you could certainly wear them at a formal gathering and not feel out of place at all. The versatility of these watches is something I appreciate, and so should fans.

Just like the Resident Evil backpacks, Leon S. Kennedy’s watch is brown and inspired by the character’s design in Resident Evil 4. Jill Valentine’s watch is dark blue, modeled after her character in Resident Evil 3. Just like the bags, the details are subtle and won’t be noticeable to those who aren’t fans of the franchise. Even fans will have a hard time recognizing them if you don’t look closely.

Both watches feature “Japanese Movement MIYOTA 6P29”, 3 subdials (days of the week, calendar, and 24-hour display), and a 60-minute measurement. Jill Valentine’s name and “S.T.A.R.S.” is printed on the dial at 12 o’clock, while Leon S. Kennedy’s name is printed on the dial at 12 o’clock. It’s small and you have to look closely.

The back of the watch is etched with the “BIOHAZARD 25th ANNIVERSARY”. It truly feels like you’ve got something special and limited. Both watches come in an exclusive box featuring the “BIOHAZARD 25th ANNIVERSARY” official logo. Needless to say, you won’t want to throw out the box for your watch.

Resident Evil Series

The details are spectacular, and all the subtle little features pay a nice tribute to not only the characters but the Resident Evil franchise. The more you look at this watch, the more you notice things. Even the underbelly of the watch looks great. I will say, the dial placement makes it a little awkward to move. The leather band gets in the way, but otherwise, I have no complaints.

At the end of the day, SuperGroupies Resident Evil watches are terrific and perfect for fans of the franchise. The quality and detail put into these $240.00 USD watches is impressive. I am pretty confident that if you do manage to secure one of these watches, you’ll be super happy.

***The product was provided to COGconnected for the purpose of this article***