The Good, The Bad, and The Most Terrifying Ghosts in Gaming

Spooky Easter Eggs

Here we take a look at some of gaming’s most spooky Easter Egg ghosts.

Jolene Cranley-Evans (Grand Theft Auto V)

We’ll end this list with a scary little easter egg that gamers can find in Grand Theft Auto V. We won’t go into any details on how to find her, except to say that Jolene’s spirit also goes by the name “Ghost of Mount Gordo”. We chose a distant image for this article… we’ll let you zoom into her face for yourself in the actual game. Creepy!

grand theft auto V article ghosts jolene

Creepy Room (Call of Duty: Finest Hour)

Hidden within Call of Duty: Finest Hour, in a level called the Underground Passage, lies a secret room filled with all manner of spooky occuarences. Don’t take my word for it, watch the video below!

Ghost Girl (Pokemon X & Y)

So here’s the deal, if you walk into a specific building in Lumiose City and take the elevator to a certain floor – you’ll encounter a pretty spooky mystery that has yet to be solved. After getting off the elevator, the game’s music stops, the lights start to flicker, and a girl appears behind the main character. She then floats forward and utters the words “no, you’re not the one” and then POOF… disappears.

Pokemon - Ghost Girl - Lumious City - Ghosts-min

Hotel Guest Ghost (Hitman: Contracts)

In the Thermal Bath Hotel, you might happen to come across a section that specifically says “Wing Closed”. If you break the rules and continue past, you might encounter a spooky little ghost haunting the hallway and nearby rooms. It said, “Wing Closed” for a reason…

Hitman Contracts - Bathroom Ghost - Ghosts-min

Educated Ghost Reaper (Gears of War: Judgment)

Here’s a spooky little easter egg tucked away in the multiplayer mode on Gears of War: Judgment. Hidden within the Library map, you’ll need to track down a series of special paintings to summon the creepy Ghost Reaper. And if you shoot the painting the Ghost Reaper haunts, you’ll be sucked into a brand new area and will need to defeat the Ghost Reaper to escape! This one is a bit tricky to get, but there are some handy YouTube videos that’ll give you more of the specifics to unlocking this Easter Egg.

Gears of War Judgment - Library Easter Egg - Ghost Reaper-min

And that concludes our look at the good, the bad, the terrifying, and a handful of spooky easter egg ghosts in gaming. Whether you’re getting in the mood for Halloween or you’re just the type of gamer who likes a good jump scare from time to time – we’re hoping this list will scratch your spooky spots. Now get out there and hunt those ghosts down. Just remember to keep reciting the most important ghost-hunting mantra of all time, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!”.