The Good, The Bad, and The Most Terrifying Ghosts in Gaming

The Scary

This next collection of ghosts are the thing of nightmares. Cross your fingers you never come face to face with either of these in a dark room…

Alma Wade (F.E.A.R. Series)

The F.E.A.R. series is synonymous with the haunting girl Alma Wade. Alma Wade was born with psychic abilities and it wasn’t long into her life when various corporations started to take notice and begin testing on her. Whether she’s a young girl in the first game, or an adult in the sequels, Alma Wade is one creepy ghost with terrifying powers.

alma wade article FEAR ghosts

Slender Man (Slender: The Arrival)

Slender Man is an internet creation that has taken a life of its own. He also is the star of his own creepy game! Sure, the game, Slender: The Arrival, isn’t exactly great… but it is pretty damn scary! Stop chasing me, Slender Man!

ghosts slender the arrival slender man article

Laura (The Evil Within)

It’s not quite clear if Laura is a ghost or not, but she definitely features some ghostly abilities. She’s also scary as hell, so we’ll let her keep a place here in the “scary” section of this article. She’s fast, she’s brutally powerful and damn near impossible to kill. Nice hair though.

ghosts evil within laura article


Lady Comstock (Bioshock: Infinite)

The first lady of Columbia, Lady Comstock has a long and somewhat tragic story that slowly unravels as you find her audio logs. But you’ll probably forgo any sort of empathy when she bursts out of her grave in the cemetery and attacks you in her new form as The Siren.

lady comstock article bioshock ghosts

Henry Stauf (The 7th Guest)

When Henry Stauf was alive, he was responsible for the deaths of countless children when he infected a line of popular dolls with a fatal virus. Years later, Henry Stauf now haunts his own mansion. In The 7th Guest, he invites seven fellow spirits to his home with the promise to grant them anything they desire. Of course, his intentions are far more sinister. If you’re looking for a spooky game with some challenging puzzles – The 7th Guest is sure to please.

Lisa (P.T.)

So a while back, there was this demo released on the PlayStation 4 called P.T. – rumours suggested it was a new Silent Hill or some other new horror franchise. Those that played it pretty much all agreed – it was scary as hell. Lisa is the spirit who haunts the halls of P.T. after she was brutally murdered by her husband. Lisa roams the house as you piece together the tragic events, and if you get too close to her, she’ll get you good – and you’ll be off to get another pair of clean undies.

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