Gamer Girls Magazine – Because All Girls Game in Their Underwear

If there’s one ploy that’s sure to get virgin nerd gamers everywhere doing the waist band super-tuck (look it up ladies) it’s pictures of sexy girls holding controllers. Right? Apparently that’s what the creators of ‘Gamer Girls Magazine’ seem to think because rather than releasing a magazine that could be properly used as an outlet for strong female characters in gaming and the ladies who ACTUALLY play them they’ve released an absolute piece of drivel appealing to the lowest common denominator… sex.

On the very first cover of this quite obviously prestigious magazine we have the graceful Kristy Ann, the stereotypical female gamer… or not. Daintily holding an Xbox controller she demonstrates that despite the condition of her taped together nerd glasses she can still afford a boob job, but not a shirt. Wow, I can’t wait to get inside and see how all this exploitation of both women and gaming culture works out! According to the cover we’ll also get to see Kristy Ann’s ‘Game Stats’ which sadly, and not surprisingly, turn out to be her measurements. Not sure about anyone else but it’s been a long time since my chest measurements helped me take out a Big Daddy.

Moving inside we’ve got a page that shows us we’ll be seeing profiles on 5 stunning ladies who all represent a different ‘gaming essential’. I don’t know about you but the only gaming essential I need is some Cheetos and a Mountain Dew (oh wait… or is that just another stupid stereotype?). Upon further inspection you’ll find that every gamer girl ever plays games in booty shorts and knee high socks or underwear. Not only that they do it while seductively bent over a coffee table. In what has to be my favourite portion of the preview our temptress Kristy Ann is asked ‘What superhero or villain do you identify with?’ to which she bouncily replies ‘The Flash because I love flashing people, lol!’.

LOL is right.

Here’s the biggest problem with this magazine; It’s saying it’s about gamer girls yet has next to no coverage of anything actually based on gaming. It’s trying to be Playboy Lite all while playing to the lowest common denominator possible. Look, Ray360 (the creator of this gem), if you want to do softcore porn then do softcore porn but don’t do it under the thinly veiled guise of a gamer girl magazine. That’s an insult to the women out there who actually play games and enjoy them.

What’s your take on all of this? Is this something that’s going to succeed or ultimately get shamed out of existence? We want to know… let us know your thoughts in the comments below!