Spicy Adult Video Game Platform Nutaku Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Jaw Dropping Stats

Nutaku Pumping Out Impressive Stats

If you haven’t heard about Nutaku yet, you are definitely in the minority. Nutaku.net is the world’s largest adult gaming platform, and today it celebrated its fifth anniversary by sharing some startling numbers.


With over 45M registered players and 128M monthly visits, Nutaku.net boasts some impressive stats. And they are growing with a strong community of players and over 400 games available on their platform.

The games and the platform is very NFSW, so process with caution but here are some fun facts they shared with us today:

• 13M registered players are female
• 2 million visitors to LGBTQ+ section featuring 50+ games, in just over a year
• Dating Sim tops the Most Popular Genre category with 18.3M players
• Kamihime Project R is the Most Popular Game with 5.6M players

For more info on these stats, click here to view the infographic.

While we admit, this isn’t something COGconnected typically covers but there is no denying there is a thirst for adult gaming when you consider how many players are currently using the platform and pretty cool the platform has over 13 million registered females.

If you want to check out some games on the platform, just click HERE. But we are warning you, this is NSFW and you must be over 18 to view it.

Source: Press Release