Far Cry 5: Five Best Things to Do When You Are Done with the Campaign

4. Side Quests & Prepper Stashes

This one’s a given, but the people of Hope County require your assistance with everything between the mundane and ridiculous. Whether that includes sabotaging a peggie convoy or putting down a bliss-induced moose, there’s plenty to do around town. Additionally, seek Prepper Stashes as soon as they’re available. Between two stashes alone I’ve received a gussied up truck, a rare weapon skin, and loads of cash. Even if Prepper Stashes lack unique rewards, you’ll never leave them empty-handed. In short, assist your neighbors and seek that glorious loot.

Far Cry 5

5. Equip Your Easter Egg Goggles

Perhaps you’re a lady or gentleman of culture and are capable of recognizing easter eggs that surround you in all directions. I for one regularly fail to spot the more nuanced tips of the hat around Hope County, but there’s a glaringly obvious egg to encounter within the first ten minutes of the game. On Dutch’s Island, you’ll more than likely stumble upon none other than Henry’s lookout tower from Campo Santo’s Firewatch. Well, a tower belonging to an individual who coincidently shares the same name as the indie title’s protagonist. Point being, if there’s an easter egg this overt in the opening minutes of the game, Lord only knows what else is out there. Whether it be previous Far Cry callbacks or additional game references, there’s bound to be plenty to discover; so keep an eye out!

Far Cry 5

We hope our suggestions for the five best things to do other than the main campaign serve you well. If you have any better ideas, let us know! In the meantime, you can check out our full review of Far Cry 5 here.