Fallout 76: A Complete Field Guide to All the Creatures

Unknown Wasp/Bee Creature

Although not officially unveiled, this creature appeared in the Fallout 76 E3 gameplay trailer. It looks like a giant wasp or bee, with a series of hives growing out of its back. And sorry, the hives appear to contain swarms of smaller bees or wasps, not delicious honey. The trailer shows it running on the ground, but it’s not yet known if it can also fly. Even if it’s limited to running, this looks to be one nightmare-inducing critter.

Fallout 76


Our favorite murderous reptiles make a return in Fallout 76, looking much like they did in previous Fallout titles. Long claws, huge legs to propel them quickly towards prey and huge, fanged mouths will make Deathclaws the scourge of West Virginia. Two variants are known so far – Glowing and Diseased Glowing, but details on these are scant at the moment.

Feral Ghouls

Last seen in Fallout 4, Feral Ghouls once again make an appearance in Fallout 76. From the images we’ve seen, they look much like we have come to expect, and presumably move and attack in a similar way. No word yet if they’ll still be hording silver forks and pocket watches, but stay tuned.


Fallout 76 adds a sort-of faction of Ghouls called Scorched, who are semi-intelligent and able to wield weapons as well as the usual melee attacks. Although we have little to go on when it comes to information about the Scorched, the Making of Fallout 76 documentary seems to show them wearing a bit more clothing to make them visually distinct from other, feral Ghouls. They will be fairly common in the game and will act as a kind of replacement for the usual human Raiders.

Fallout 76

Super Mutants

Super Mutants will be back as creatures in Fallout 76. Images obtained so far indicate that they will have a similar appearance to those we’ve seen in Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4. So far we know that they will have a Super Mutant Enforcer variant, but no other variants have so far been announced – let’s hope there are at least a few Behemoths along those country roads, as a Fallout game just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Other Creatures

In addition to mole rats, Brahmin, cats and dogs, the “Making of Fallout 76” documentary also mentions Intelligent Plants and Two-Headed Possums. We don’t have any further details on these beyond their mention. Polygon also says that Fallout 76 will generally have more animals and monsters – “upwards of 63” – than usual Fallout games in order to make up for its lack of human NPCs.


So far, that’s what we know about the creatures you’ll encounter when Fallout 76 launches on November 14th, 2018 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. We’ll keep updating our information as it gets divulged. Know of any creatures in Fallout 76 that we haven’t mentioned here? For God sakes, let us know!

In the meantime, check out our guide to how mods, VATS and questing will work in Fallout 76.

And don’t forget, you can pre-order the game now, and by doing so you get access to the Closed Beta. Now put on your Pip-Boy and get out there, Vault-dwellers!