Fallout 76: A Complete Field Guide to All the Creatures


Another of the Fallout 76 creatures based on local folklore, the Snallygaster looks like a big brown lizard that runs on hind legs. It is a hostile, aggressive attacker that uses claws and a tentacle-like tongue to whip at players. It has been described as “a dragon-like demon that haunts an area outside of neighboring DC.” You’ll find them in higher elevations and nuclear strike zones (presumably they will be one of the creatures to appear after players launch nuclear strikes). There is one known variant, the Glowing Snallygaster.


While not animals or monsters per se, these little robots will still pose a serious threat to players in Fallout 76. They look like little, scurrying robot-spiders with a single glowing eye, and make up for their diminutive size by traveling in packs. According to the Fallout Wiki, Liberators also have Chinese inscriptions and red stars on their paint, hinting at their foreign origins, possibly as support for a Chinese invasion force. They have Mark I and Mark II variants.

Fallout 76


We don’t know much about Conqueror, other than that it will be appearing in Fallout 76. We have only a vague and blurry image to go on, which seems to depict a shadowy humanoid that walks on two legs. There is also a Scorched Conqueror variant known so far.

Giant Tick

These guys look to be about what you would expect – giant ticks. They are black and shiny, and it’s assumed that they will scurry quickly on the ground towards hapless players. And no, wearing a flea-and-tick collar won’t be quite enough for these ones.

Unknown Glowing-Eyed Creature

This creature appears from the pictures to be nocturnal and has glowing, orange eyes that almost seem to be back-lit somehow. That means it could be an animal or it could be some sort of robotic device.

Fallout 76

Unknown Clawed Figure

This creature appears to be a sort of skinny, longer-bodied version of a Deathclaw. Like the Deathclaw, it has big hands with razor-sharp talons. Judging by the picture we have, it can run very fast. It could very well turn out to be just a Deathclaw, but we don’t know yet.

Fallout 76

Unknown Hooded Figure

Called by one Reddit user “Mole People,” all we know about this creature is that it appears to be a humanoid in a hooded robe, and it seems to use bipedal motion. It has greenish skin and wears some kind of mask. The idea that it maybe lives underground comes from its proximity to a mine shaft in images we’ve seen.

Fallout 76


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