5 Reasons Why Soul Calibur VI Will Be the Best in The Franchise

Soul Calibur VI is No Joke

Needless to say, Soul Calibur VI marks a huge return for the Soul Calibur franchise. With Soul Calibur V being released in 2012, Soul Calibur VI’s 2018 release spans a six-year gap for the franchise. While there has been no shortage of fighting games this year, there’s no doubt that Soul Calibur’s history and fateful return will bring something new to the existing fighting game library. However, we’re pretty confident in saying that Soul Calibur VI may just be the best installment the franchise has ever released based on our time with it at E3 2018. Check out the five reasons why we think Soul Calibur VI will be the best in the franchise below.

Soul Calibur VI trailer screen

1. Powered by Unreal Engine 4

Due to the six-year gap, Soul Calibur VI will be seen powered by a fresh new engine. Unreal Engine 4, the same engine used for Tekken 7 released roughly a year ago, is what will make the game shine once it’s released. From returning characters like Ivy, Mitsurugi, and Sophitia, to brand new characters like Geralt and Grøh, we’ve seen them all flawlessly move and execute moves in ways no other installment in the franchise could depict.

2. Huge Story Mode

One of the exciting features the game will offer is a huge focus on story mode. It’ll have a combination of storybook, 2D, and 3D illustrations depicting the stories of each character present in the game. It’s stated that it’ll be the largest story mode ever in the franchise as it aims to give players the full experience and information needed to delve deep into the world of Soul Calibur. Also, given that it is set in the 16th century to retell the story of the Soul Calibur series, this instalment provides the best possible platform to get new players acquainted with its rich history and characters.