5 Reasons Why Soul Calibur VI Will Be the Best in The Franchise

3. Brand New Mechanics

There are two completely brand new mechanics that have been introduced in the game. The first mechanic is the Reversal Edge that aids new players combat experience players utilizing a rock-paper-scissor format. When performed, a slow-motion event is triggered and players choose which move they want to execute which is then resolved based on who overpowers the other. Lethal Hit is a simpler mechanic in which, when landed, will knock opponents back stunning them (given certain conditions are met).

4. Returning Mechanics from Past Instalments

Two more mechanics make an appearance in Soul Calibur VI, but are ones that have already appeared in past instalments. The first is Soul Charge that appeared all the way back in Soul Calibur III that has been overhauled. When used, characters can transform into different versions of themselves unlocking additional moves, bonuses, and other features. Critical Edge, on the other hand, returns from Soul Calibur V largely unchanged that is your basic run-of-the-mill ‘special move’ that nearly every fighting game cannot exist without.

5. Character Creation

Last but not least, is the highly regarded and looked forward to mode the Soul Calibur series is loved for – Character Creation Mode. Starting from Soul Calibur III, the character creation mode has been a staple mode ever since and is most definitely making a return in Soul Calibur VI. However, just how awesome, crazy, and amazing it will be is rather unknown with the little information we’ve gotten for the mode itself. Nonetheless, we’re sure that it’ll most definitely have something in store for us when the game is released.

Are you excited for Soul Calibur VI? Did we miss anything that you think will make it the best in the franchise? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!