The Best and Worst Moments From the 2017 PlayStation E3 Showcase

The Worst

1) No Last of Us 2

Why? Why Sony? Even a little tease would have been better than standing us up like this. I mean, I was holding out a sliver of hope even when I logically knew that they were showing Uncharted DLC. Like I said above, E3 is about stoking the boiler on the hype train, and not dropping this bombshell reveal hurts the overall impact of the show.

Last of Us Part II PlayStation Experience 2016 Reveal HERO

2) It’s 2017, Right?

Coming 2018. C’mon man, at least throw us a bone on the release date front. Thinking back – off the top of my head – I can’t think of a single big title they talked about for this year. That’s pretty rough. Pull up your socks girls and boys! I’m talking to you too, Microsoft, get me hyped up about what I’ll be playing this fall!

PS4 Exclusive Title God of War God of War Featured

3) Livestream Fail

Yeah, these things happen. Personally, I didn’t hear the first 20 or so minutes of the show on Twitch – there were 300000 other people who didn’t either. I know it’s tough to get right (and all the shows had issues), but the speed of troubleshooting could have been better during the biggest show of the year!

Livestream fail

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