The 10 Best PSVR Games of 2019 So Far…

The Wizards Enhanced Edition

If you’ve ever wanted to be a real wizard and slay orcs and goblins just like in the movies, then The Wizards Enhanced Edition on PSVR is a great chance to live your fantasy. In first person view brought to full immersive life in virtual reality, you shoot fireballs, lightning and other cool spells from your hands as you travel though a thrilling fantasy world. It has movie-quality polish with excellent visuals and smooth gameplay mechanics that make this a great deal for the price — read my review from March and see for yourself.

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Ghost Giant

When I played Ghost Giant back in May, its combination of emotional themes and beautiful visuals reminded me of the great Moss — and trust me that is high praise. Created in a gorgeous bespoke, diorama fashion, Ghost Giant has you playing, well, a giant ghost who helps a small young boy as he embarks upon a touching and well written adventure. Great writing and voice acting combine with artistic flair and a haunting musical score to make this one VR title that will make you stop and take off your PSVR headset to wipe your eyes many times before you’re done.


Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted

Horror and VR are a marriage made in virtual heaven (hell?), and when you combine the immersion of virtual reality with one of gaming’s most iconic horror franchises, you get an instant classic like Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted. You are alone, stuck in a dark place with a bunch of cuddly/terrifying animatronic abominations, and there’s no escape from the seemingly-unending barrage of jump-scares that will have you soiling your knickers repeatedly before you’re done and loving every minute of it. This title also skillfully employs different ways of scaring you with multiple modes, so bring a few clean pairs of underwear when you play this one — you’ll need them.


Trover Saves the Universe

Amazingly, this is the second Rick and Morty-related title on our list, but this one is the better of the two. Strictly speaking, it isn’t a Rick and Morty game, but it is from Justin Roiland who is a co-creator of the show and does the famous voices for both Rick and Morty. Fans of the show will be right in their element with Trover Saves the Universe, which features the same R-rated humor and random verbal riffing, but honestly the side-splitting dialogue and fun gameplay will appeal to anyone. Roiland’s trademark improvised style and a gang of whacky NPCs make this a fun adventure from start to finish, and the surprisingly well constructed gameplay mechanics will surprise you.


Blood & Truth

Our last entry on the list of the best PSVR games of 2019 (so far) is, in my opinion, the best. Blood & Truth is a full-length treatment of the short PSVR launch demo called The London Heist, and it takes the original concept of a gritty East London crime tale and runs with it. Playing like an action thriller come to life, Blood & Truth has first-class production values including excellent voice acting, great cinematic music and explosive action sequences. Gameplay is mostly first-person shooting but there’s also lockpicking, bomb defusing and a bunch of other sequences that will make you feel like a true badass action star. Lock and load, mate, because Blood & Truth is positively Aces.


There you have it — the 10 best PSVR games from the first 6 months of 2019. It’s incredible to think that some of the best PSVR games have been released just in the last couple of months — that’s a testament to the growth of VR gaming overall and Sony’s great support of its VR platform since launch. If you haven’t yet picked up a PSVR headset, do yourself a favour and make the jump — there’s a great, growing library of PSVR games and the price has dropped down quite a bit lately. How about youself? Are there any great PSVR games that we’ve missed here? Let us know below!