8 Amazing Far Cry Primal Easter Egg Locations

Far Cry Primal is quite possibly the best instalment of the franchise, the big open world of Oros is filled with places to explore — with so much space it’s inevitable you’ll find a few secrets. Ubisoft took the time to plant some awesome prehistoric Easter eggs for us to uncover. Don’t worry, we wouldn’t put that out there without telling you how to locate them, so without further ado, here are eight awesome Far Cry Primal Easter eggs.


Find a Submerged Flintstones Car

1b (1280x720)

That’s right, an underwater Flintstones car. It pains me to say that you can’t take it for a joy ride because the previous owner drove it off a cliff. With a game set in this era, it’s no surprise that a Flintstones Easter egg would make an appearance. Head to the body of water located on the screenshot and walk to the top of the high ledge of the cliff. Dive into the water and swim forward until you see the sunken car. I wonder how insurance premiums worked back then?

1a (1280x720)


Hangout In Stonehenge

2b (1280x720)

Witness the prehistoric monument in all of its glory, located on your map labelled as ‘Blajiman Stones’. Through the main quest you will end up here to perform a ritual, but you’re free to travel there at anytime and just hang out. Head to the location on the map and it will be on top of a hill. We still don’t know how Stonehenge was built — maybe it was a group of crafty Wenjas.

2a (1280x720)

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