7 of the Weirdest, Strangest and Downright Bizarre Games Ever Made

Over the years, video games have been rapidly evolving as we innovate and explore new themes. Naturally, some downright bizarre games have been given birth as a result. Want to know what its like to be a piece of bread? There’s a game for that. Everything from raising sarcastic humanoid fish to driving one of the slowest vehicles on Earth is right at our fingertips, if you can handle the madness. Let’s step outside the box for a moment and relish in the weirdest games ever made.

Seaman (Dreamcast)

Seaman answers the age old question “How would it feel to be put down by a fish with a human face?” This bizarre Dreamcast title had you caring for a humanized fish-man that was utterly depressing and miserable. Luckily, you had the late Leonard Nimoy to impart his wisdom on how to raise him.

The game itself was ambitious for its time as it utilized your mic to interact with the fish with set voice commands. Raise this nightmare-inducing creature into a little frog-man and hope he doesn’t die! Naturally, this requires you to check in on him and provide all the necessities he requires for survival. The downside of this game is the image of the Seaman will haunt your dreams for years to come.

Surprisingly enough, the game scored well for its time and even spawned a 2007 PS2 sequel in Japan. This ain’t no Tamagotchi but it set the bar for virtual pets games… kinda.


Goat Simulator (PC, Xbox, PS3)

Terrorize a small town as a suicidal, murderous goat hell-bent on destroying humanity. Why you ask? Well, that’s not really explained but this isn’t a game you play for the story. Discovering all the carnage you can create using the games over-the-top physics is where this title shines —ram a civilian and watch them fly, get hit by a car and see how long you can stay airborne, or destroy property with an overly extendable sticky tongue — the choice is entirely up to you. The game isn’t meant to be taken seriously and it knows exactly what it is, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome.

Of course there’s definitely a on of people out there who hate on it for the way it embraces its glitches and well it doesn’t really have a point… like at all. If you can shut your brain off, as in right off, find the switch and go lights out, you can likely have at least some fun with Goat Simulator.


Katamari Damacy (PS2)

Leave it to Japan to come up with an insanely weird concept that’s brilliantly fun. The best way to describe Katamari Damacy is taking the fun of rolling a giant snowball, but instead of snow you use every conceivable object in the game world. The story is just as weird as the game itself — you’re a prince who is on a quest to rebuild the cosmos after your father, aptly named the King of All Cosmos, destroyed everything after a night of drinking.

To achieve this, you have an extremely adhesive ball that puts super-glue to shame — roll around the game map, sticking everything on your ball. The bigger your ball of junk, the bigger the objects you can roll over. Needless to say, the game reaches peak absurdity when your ball’s large enough to roll over people, cars, and structures.


Shaq Fu (SEGA, SNES)

In 1994, Shaquille O’Neil was immortalized with a video game almost as bad as his free throw percentage. It’s the byproduct of an NBA superstar trying to capitalize on his fame through shameless product placements and celebrity endorsements. Unfortunately, that wasn’t even the worst part of this game — the story was beyond saving. Here’s how the game begins: Shaq is walking to an all-star charity game when he stumbles upon an old man who senses a “big warrior” therefore, he must travel to a land called 2nd world immediately, and save a little boy through a portal in his corner shop.

Well, that escalated quickly. I have some more bad news, that wasn’t the worst part of the game either, the audio was atrocious and the gameplay was uninspired and boring with clunky controls. There’s good reason why this steaming pile frequently visits the top worst games ever made lists — yep, it’s really bad.

Surprisingly though, the game has a bit of a cult following and is now on its way to receiving the sequel treatment! Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is coming, and seeing as it looks about a million times better than its predecessor we’ll roll with that trailer instead.

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