January 2020’s PS Plus Games Leaked

PS Plus Starts Off the New Year With Uncharted and Goat Simulator

Update (12:45 PM EST): Sony has officially confirmed that Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator are PS Plus’ two free games for January. They’ll both be available for subscribers until February 3rd.

Original Story:

A PlayStation Germany video revealed recently that January’s two free PS Plus games will be Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and Goat Simulator. The video has been made private since this info started going around so it’s apparent that PlayStation wasn’t supposed to reveal the games yet.

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Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is a remastered collection of the first three Uncharted games which all put players in the role of globetrotting adventurer Nathan Drake. The series is known for its fast-paced third-person shooter gameplay and bombastic setpieces.

As for Goat Simulator, it’s a game where you play as the world’s most destructive goat and wreak havoc by destroying environments with your goat avatar.

If you’re curious about what games are coming to Xbox Live Gold subscribers in January then we’ve got you covered.

What do you think of these selections? Which of these picks are you looking forward to playing? Were there other games that you wished were picked for this month’s free PS Plus games? What types of games are you hoping will come to PS Plus this year?

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