C-Smash VRS Review – A Cosmic Contest

C-Smash VRS Review

Remakes and reimaginings are more popular than ever. Due to the stellar work of Capcom and other pioneers, more developers are offering new ways to play classics. Even though the arcade/Dreamcast title, Cosmic Smash, is relatively unknown outside of Japan, RapidEyeMovers and Wolf & Wood aim to adapt the futuristic sports game for the virtual realm. Will C-Smash VRS serve up a perfect shot or will it be an unfortunate mishit?

Instantly, you are transported into space to witness the remarkable art direction. The minimalist design and vivid colors perfectly complement one another to set up a wonderful environment for the racket-based sport. Each arena is clean with a level of polish that allows you to immerse yourself in the world. Adding to the presentation is the fantastic audio which applies an almost synesthesia quality to the game. Legendary DJ, Ken Ishii, the master behind Rez Infinite, and other synth-based artists add their musical talents to C-Smash VRS. The combination of audio and visuals is captivating and creates a zen-like atmosphere for matches.

Stylish, Slick and Smooth

There’s a lovely level of simplicity that imbues the game. Everything is intuitive and simple to grasp. While your goal is simple, hit all the panels ahead of you, there’s a level of skill required in doing so. In the single-player portion, you encounter moving barriers where you must time your shot and special panels which add an element of strategy in how to approach the stage. Each bite-sized scenario has a time limit and rates you based on the speed of your completion. This adds a nice element of replayability, as you strive to beat your previous efforts. 

As the Journey mode includes the theme of travel, you can select particular routes. While there are only slight deviations, it does give you the opportunity to different worlds which gives further incentive to revisit the mode. While there are certain stages that include a difficulty spike, the majority offer a sufficient level of challenge and gradually build your skill level. For those who master the art, you can also take on the challenge variation of the mode, which puts you back at the start upon failing to complete a stage in the time given. While it is very tough, it’s an exhilarating experience. Opposing this is the Zen mode, a lower-stakes version that allows you to get into the swing of it.

Time For Some Action

Although the single-player aspect is enjoyable, C-Smash VRS excels online. Standing in a tunnel with your opponent on the other side builds a raw level of competition as you await the physical battle. The mode which is part of the demo, and arguably the simplest, is head-to-head. Here you must smash all the panels that sit behind your adversary while protecting your panels. As you feverishly dart across the area with your analog stick, you can build a combo with multiple successful hits. Not only does this add to the pace of the game but it also gives you the ability to unleash a ferocious smash. With the press of a button, you can send a thunderous shot towards your opponent which requires adept timing to counter.

Other modes include Firewall, which requires you to hold zones to earn more points and tag a whole wall to win; Bodyshot where your target is to hit the player instead of the panels behind them and finally Quickshot, where speed is at the forefront and you must take out blocks before your opponent. Each mode is different and offers new ways to play with the mechanics. However, due to the online focus of the game, it needs a core fanbase that will help build the community. Barring the sheer joy of pummelling your opponent, there aren’t any other incentives. Unlockables, ranks and other key components of online games would be a welcome addition.

Game, Set and Match

C-Smash VRS is an incredible multiplayer with the potential to become a staple of any PSVR 2 owner’s collection. The simple premise and excellent execution leads to intense matches that will keep you hooked. Whether you’re up against a friend or a complete stranger, the thrill never subsides. With a focus on multiplayer, the game needs to add more incentives and regular updates to build a community. However. the addictive online loop and replayable single-player options help to make C-Smash VRS an absolute hit!

***A PlayStation 5 code was provided by the publisher***

The Good

  • Simple and Intuitive Gameplay
  • Beautiful Art Direction
  • Stunning Soundtrack

The Bad

  • No Multiplayer Incentives
  • Only a Few Online Modes
  • Short Single Player Mode