PlayStation Showcase 2021: 5 Things I Loved and 3 Things I Hated

3 Things We Didn’t Love (HATE is such an ugly word)

Meh Remakes and Remasters

The general rule of a knockout presentation is you put your good stuff at the start and at the end, and bury the weak crap in the middle. Now that might be a bit harsh to describe some of the games Sony showed off midway through the show but I’m wondering how many fans have really been asking Santa for a PS5 remake of Alan Wake, or yet another edition of GTA V or, for that matter, Uncharted IV. And while we’re at it, after all the imagination poured into the opening games, Rainbow 6 Extraction just seemed a little too familiar, despite the presence of aliens.

What if There Aren’t Three A’s in Your Game?

They said at the start that Sony was teaming up with triple-A studios, and boy howdy did the show underscore it. It would have been nice to see at least a few, token indie games or mid-tier products just to remind us that the company supports small team creativity and collaboration, not just the big, cast-of-hundreds studios. That said, there were a couple of games that look slightly more modest in ambition, including Tchia, a family-friendly adventure game set in New Caledonia.

You Want Exclusives? We Got…Some?

We don’t need to repeat the common complaint that the PS5 is short on exclusives (oh wait, I guess I just did), but while the showcase certainly got us excited about a lot of cool looking games, it’s hard to ignore that out of approximately 18 games (more or less) only five were PS5-only…and really, a few of those will drop on PC as well. Now, I personally think that any of them — Spider-Man 2, Gran Turismo 7, God of War and Deathloop — are bona fide system sellers, but those of us that have PS5s irrationally want more games just for us. Well, at least there’s Horizon Forbidden West. That almost makes up for it.

Did you watch Sony’s Showcase? What did you love? What disappointed you?

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