5 Epic Things to Get Sidetracked with in Far Cry New Dawn

#3. Fort Salvage

The Highwaymen have taken over any significant standing landmark as a base of operations, often having tons of ethanol on hand to keep their vehicles and machines running. Ethanol is the most significant resource to collect, so taking on these armed forts (much like Far Cry 5’s Strongholds) will award you a fast travel location, base of operations, and a hefty sum of ethanol. Once a fort has been liberated, however, players have the option of salvaging the fort and moving on. This means taking a small bonus of ethanol and abandoning the fort for the Highwaymen to take control again. Each time you choose this option the enemies will be stronger, in greater numbers, and more heavily armed, but it will also net you even more life-saving ethanol. If you had a particularly enjoyable time mowing down your enemies and wanted to do it again, Fort Salvage is intense and fun.

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#2. Monstrous Hunts

The woods of Hope County have always been home to a variety of wild animals, some more dangerous than others. Life, as they say, uh, finds a way, and so even after the desolation of a nuclear attack the wildlife of Montana has not only survived but evolved due to the radiation that washed over the forest. This has led to the Elite class animals, also known as Monstrous beasts. Coming in a variety of species including bison, bear, and cougar, Monstrous animals have a thick stone-like hide and glowing weak point that spews fire when struck. These animals are particularly aggressive and powerful, roaming elusively and stealthily through the woods. They are also often accompanied by other members of their species. Tracking them can make you feel like a skilled hunter, and taking one down will often require most-if not all- of your bullets and reflexes to survive. This is a true test of your survival skills.

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#1. Expeditions

Ubisoft promised us the opportunity to go around the world with Expeditions, a new game mode that would let us see what kind of devastation the world is experiencing. Florida, Arizona, Louisiana, these are just some of the places you’ll go in an attempt to thwart the Highwaymen. Expeditions are heavily stealth based missions in which you are sent to retrieve a package and make your way to the rendezvous point for extraction. The locations themselves stand out beautifully as a refreshingly new environment, but the real joy of Expeditions come from its pressure to remain unseen. The package you are sent to grab is equipped with a GPS tracker and as soon as its been taken you’ll have about 30 seconds to start running. Once they realize the package is missing you’ll have an unending horde of enemies trying to kill you. Did I mention you’ll need to survive at least an extra minute and a half before the extraction even arrives? If that wasn’t intense enough, if you are spotted at any point during the mission this will automatically kick off the unending horde of enemies even if you haven’t retrieved the package. It’s insanity, it’s intense, and it’s quite possibly my favorite thing to do in Far Cry New Dawn.

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So those are just five of the many things to do in Far Cry New Dawn, is there something you like to do that we missed? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below.