5 Reasons Why We Are Super Hyped for Rage 2

Rage 2 is The Real Deal

Thanks to Walmart Canada, we all found out about Bethesda’s Rage 2 earlier than expected. It was the sequel nobody asked for but now, it’s become the sequel everyone wants. With over-the-top characters, big ass guns, a bangin’ soundtrack and a gameplay style we only see in Bethesda shooters, Rage 2 is oozing with potential.

While at E3 2018, we had a chance to sit down with a 20-minute demo of the game which ended far too soon. It is quite easily the best single player shooter at E3 and we have no doubt Bethesda will be pleased with the sales numbers after everything is said and done. Without further delay, take a look at 5 reasons why we are pretty jazzed about Rage 2.

Rage 2

Silky Smooth Combat Mechanics

Much like Doom, Rage 2’s combat is on point and much of that has to do with how good the weapons feel. In the demo, I used a shotgun, automatic rifle and ‘wingstick’, which is a bladed boomerang. Shotguns packed a thunderous punch, machine guns are easy to handle and feel great; and the bladed boomerang is as gruesome as it sounds. The shotgun was my weapon of choice throughout much of the demo and but the bladed boomerang was a weapon I see myself using a lot when the full game releases.

It’s Got Cool Special Abilities

Rage 2 included some pretty slick special abilities. The special nanite-powered abilities include a quick dash, telekinetic force which shoves enemies back and jumping slam attacks. All abilities can be deployed quickly with effective results. When the enemies become a little too much, quickly deploy a special ability and boom, you can proceed along. I loved the abilities included in the demo and I am curious what else will be included at launch.