3 Up, 3 Down – The Best (And Worst) Games From January 2016

I get it, you’re broke, you’re still playing off the glut of Christmas presents you purchased and the last thing you want to do right now is drop some serious cash on some new games. It’s a good thing January is typically a slow month for game releases, so if you are a frugal gamer like me, you’re happy you don’t have to make any big purchases. All the AAA games have either been released or are gearing up for an early spring launch. This month; however, we did see a few big releases with a new Lego game, a remastered Resident Evil game and the Assassin’s Creed franchise saw a fun little platformer make its debut. January wasn’t a slow month for us at COGconnected as we reviewed over 30 games. A few of them stunk, but several hit home runs while overall January was a solid month for releases as many scored above 80. So let’s take a look at the best (3 Up) and worst games (3 Down) from the past month as we kick off 2016 in style.

The Best


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January started off with a bang. This extremely fun and great local multiplayer game released the first week of January is easy to pick up and satisfying to master. And Amplitude doesn’t destroy your pocket book either with its modest $20 dollar price tag. After successful Kickstarter campaign, Amplitude delivered the type of home music/ rhythm genre we had hoped for. For fans of the old 2003 Amplitude game, your wait is over as this stands as one of the best games from the past month.


Metroid: Zero Mission

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In keeping with the theme of cheap January games, this gem for the Wii U shocked our entire team. We called this $8 dollar game a “can’t miss Virtual Console title”. Metroid: Zero Mission is just so damn fun to play. It is also finely tuned and modern compared to its predecessors. If you have been looking for a reason to finally try a Metroid game, you have come to the right place. Metroid: Zero Mission easily establishes itself as the best choice for those who are looking for a reason to jump into one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises.

Metroid Zero Mission screen 4

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

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This ground-based RTS prequel to the classic Homeworld games quite easily made our best list for the past month. This compelling strategy game for PC from Blackbird Interactive has a story reminiscent of the original Homeworld games and an unforgettable one at that. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak makes its triumphant return to Homeworld with fantastic audio, brilliant visuals and terrific design.

Homeworld Screen (2)

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