Killer Bundle 9 Blasts through with 8 New Steam Games at a Huge Discount

Bundle Stars Blasts through Steam with Killer Bundle 9, 8 New Steam Games Make Their Bundle Debut at a Huge Discount

The ninth installment in the Bundle Stars flagship franchise for Killer Bundle, Killer Bundle 9, makes its Steam debut with 8 new games readily available to start playing! Underwater shark combat, Diablo-style MMORPGs, and labyrinths of killbots await those who seek thrilling combat, at an exceptionally cheap price.

killer bundle 9

With Killer Bundle 9, you’ll be getting the following, riveting games for only $3.99 – a 95% bargain that’s usually marked at a $85.92 value.

  • Livelock – A co-op and singleplayer shooter RPG where you explore a sci-fi enhanced, war-torn world in an effort to save humanity.
  • Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 – A deep-sea diving multiplayer where players hunt down each other while exploring treacherous, shark-infested waters. You can even play as the Great White Shark in a terrifying predator mode.
  • Manual Samuel (+Mac, Linux) – Explore what happens after you make a deal with death himself.
  • Candle (+Mac, Linux) –¬†Rescue a shaman from an evil tribe.
  • STANDBY (+Mac) – Slide, crush and teleport through 54 unique platformer levels.
  • Good Robot – Navigate killbot through procedurally generated labyrinths.
  • Guardians of Ember – Base Edition – Hack n’ slash medieval¬†fantasy MMORPG, much like the thrilling world of Diablo.
  • Death by Game Show (+Mac, Linux) – Do your best to survive against the most deadliest of odds.

All games support Windows, with additional support for the operating systems listed beside them. All games included in the bundle, except for Livelock, also come with Steam trading cards.

The bundle is only available at this extremely discounted price for a limited time, so you’ve got two weeks to jump in on this deal before it’s gone.

Have you gotten your hands on Killer Bundle 9 or any of its games yet? Let us know your thoughts on this amazing deal in the comments below!

SOURCE: Press Release