The 3 Best and 3 Worst Games of December 2018

The Worst

Just Cause 4

***See our review here***

While the Just Cause series has come to deliver what we expect with each iteration, we were left disappointed with Just Cause 4. While the game does have its bright sides such as its environments, grappling hook, and wingsuiting, its unstable graphics, unintelligent enemies, and overall repetitiveness are what led to its disappointment. In our review, we concluded that “but Just Cause 4 is a disappointing extension that needs to aim a lot higher and is, frankly, kind of boring.”

Arca’s Path

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VR games are generally a hit or miss, with some great experiences that may not necessarily turn out to be great games. Arca’s Path is one such title, with flashes of brilliance as well as mundane moments. What Arca’s Path does differently is provide a hands-free experience, and overall is a game with strong moments and has a vibrant and colorful style. However, we found in our review that in addition to its fun side, it has “another side that consists of a mundane, empty trek through a dead world”.

Deru: The Art of Cooperation

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Deru: The Art of Cooperation is a cooperative puzzle game. While there may be a decent amount of these games in recent memory, a robust entry in this genre is always welcome. However, despite its gorgeous design, we were left disappointed by its unexceptional and short gameplay. In addition to a lack of replay value, we noted in our review that the game “may be too challenging for small kids and too unstimulating for adults”.

What do you think? Did you play any better or worse games this month? Let us know in the comments below.