The 3 Best and 3 Worst Games of December 2018

3 Up, 3 Down – December 2018 Edition

With the year of 2018, December 2018 has come and gone, with some great games releasing at the end of the year. Unfortunately with the good, comes the bad. While November 2018 featured some of the best games of the year, such as Tetris Effect and Hitman 2, December is usually a slower month compared to the rest of the holiday season. Without further ado, here are the top and bottom 3 games of December 2018.


The Best

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Easily the biggest release of December 2018, and possibly the biggest release on the Nintendo Switch this year, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate brings everyone back plus more. This game oozes content, whether it be the fighters, assist trophies, or game modes. Whether you want to play with friends or play competitively, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has you covered with the biggest Super Smash Bros. game to date. In our review, we declared that “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the series at the height of its powers”.


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First-person shooters have come a long way since the beginning in terms of realism, mechanics, and graphics. However, the classic games remain as classics, and Dusk is a fast-paced nod to the classic shooters of generations past. In addition to being a huge nod to the genre’s classic titles, the game also features a fun endless mode as well. In our review, we noted that Dusk “sets out to deliver exactly what you’d want from a game like this and it delivers it in spades”.


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The “SoulsBorne” games have undoubtedly impacted the gaming landscape, and Ashen is definitely indicative of that as an action RPG that is challenging, immersive, and deliberate. While the game is not as tight as its seeming inspirations, Ashen remains a beautiful, fun game that takes place in a strange world with much to discover. In our review, we found that “its gameplay is familiar and fun, but its world is like nothing you’ve ever seen”.

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