10 Tips and Tricks for Saving Aftervale in Skelattack

5. Slow and Steady

With the camera firmly centered around Skully it can be difficult to know what is in store just ahead for the plucky hero. When descending into the unknown you can press towards the wall and greatly slow your speed, giving you extra time to spot any hazards and figure out how best to avoid them. It is definitely better than the alternative of literally leaping before you look and hoping for the best; did you know there could be alligators down there?


4. Study Thine Enemy

Unfortunately, humans have made there way to Aftervale and seem to be making a right mess of everything they touch. Various human enemies will show up to try and stop you, but as is the case with many skill-based games the key to victory is to study your enemy. Be it human or beast, every enemy in Skelattack will have a visual tell just before they attack, giving you the opportunity to defeat them with ease.


3. Hug Your Local Blue Blob

You may have noticed at certain entrances between dungeons or near key areas a happy, smiling blob who simply sits there enjoying its existence. Once you unlock magic this blob will truly be a sight for sore eyes as just standing near it will replenish your magic meter at no extra cost. If you’ve got the healing spell and precious few hit points left, standing next to this jovial goop will give you the opportunity to get back into fighting form and lunge into the fray again. So give it a pat on the head and a few words of encouragement before leaving, it’s earned it!


2. Hmm, That Wall has a Crack…

It should go without saying in any game, in any genre, in any medium, on any planet, in any galaxy, that as soon as you see a wall with a crack or some form of damage to set it apart from its surrounding wall segments, it is definitely hiding something. Skelattack is indeed a fast paced game with plenty going on at any given time so you might miss more of these segments than you realize but keeping an eye out for these cracked and damaged wall segments often reward you with fantastic treasures. Lore, shards, spells, you never know until you go about destroying the place.


1. One-Sided Wall Jumps: Skeleton Parkour

If there is only one essential trick to know of this game, one ultimately necessary skill, one outstandingly important piece of advice for you to take away from this list, it is the one-sided wall jump. Most Metroidvania games and similar dungeon crawlers – heck, even many RPG and adventure games – will feature areas in which the character bounces from wall to wall to ascend an otherwise impassable area. Skelattack offers you the ability to wall jump with only one wall, quickly and effectively ascending any vertical surface if you are quick enough. Not only is this neat to watch and thrilling to master, but it is absolutely essential in completing the game. As James Paley noted in his review of the game, using a D-Pad for this skill – and indeed traversing this game in general – is the key to victory.



There you have it! 10 Tips and Tricks to Save Aftervale in Skelattack. For more information on this devilishly difficult Metroidvania, check out the game’s official website.

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