10 Marvel Games Insomniac Absolutely Needs to Make

3) Iron Man

We have yet to sink our teeth into an Iron Man game for this console generation, and that’s just plain disappointing. Iron Man is an easy choice for an Insomniac makeover, considering Tony Stark is a rich and handsome billionaire with plenty of gadgets to play with. Regardless of the story here, and there’s a lot to pick from in that regard, there could be a large suite of mini games and missions to complete within the game. Seeing just how enticing these were in Spider-Man, there’s no doubt this could be fun. Insomniac could make an Iron Man game of epic proportions, with big and bold weapons, gadgets, and vehicles, and a wide variety of suits to choose from. There is a lot that can be done with the technology alone, and at the end of the day how fantastic would it be to be able to customize and create your very own Iron Man suits?

iron man marvel

2) Black Panther

With the massive success Black Panther had at the box office, it’s no surprise that this one makes the list. Much like the movie, Insomniac could do a lot here by showcasing an empowered cast of characters and putting it’s technological prowess on full display. I myself would love to learn a whole lot more about the African nation of Wakanda as there is a whole world to discover rich in setting and full of conflict. While we got to see a few different Black Panther suits in the movie, all equipped with unique abilities, it would be interesting to see what Insomniac would make of them.

black panther marvel

1) Doctor Strange

Though the movie adaptation of Doctor Strange was truly a work of art, this could be a game Insomniac could run away with entirely. With the magical and metaphysical side of the Marvel universe on full display, the possibilities here are infinite. Not only would the game be visually stunning, but there would also be a lot of story to explore given that Doctor Stephen Strange has become Sorcerer Supreme, the ultimate protector against all magical threats. Doctor Strange has the ability to cast spells, summon objects, and travel across dimensions, which could be interesting mechanics for Insomniac to master. From creating mythical creatures and morphing the combat and movement mechanics together, this would be the perfect Marvel story for Insomniac to take on.

doctor strange marvel

Are there any other Marvel characters you think Insomniac could make a game about? Let us know in the comments below!