10 Marvel Games Insomniac Absolutely Needs to Make

7) Iron Fist

Many have regarded the Iron Fist Netflix series with a bad taste in their mouth, however it’s not too late for Marvel to try their luck in a different medium. In fact, there are so many different aspects and times of Danny Rand’s life for Insomniac to explore though it would likely be the most interesting to take a peek into the fifteen years he spent in the mythical city of K’un-Lun. Of course that’s where he learned his amazing fighting skills, as well as his immortal powers that come from becoming the Iron Fist. Insomniac has proven that they’re no stranger to solid combat mechanics so it would make sense for them to take this martial arts master to the next level in a game of their own.

iron fist marvel

6) Mystique

Mystique is a long-standing character in the Marvel comics, pulled to the forefront of the universe through her role in the X-Men movies. She is the true embodiment of what it means to be a protagonist/antagonist hybrid and considering just how versatile of a character she is it would be amazing to see Insomniac craft her into a masterpiece. Whether it’s her involvement of the shaping of the the mutant history, mothering Nightcrawler, or fostering Rogue there is a lot of story to choose from here. With a rich history to dive into and plenty of looks to explore given her shapeshifting ability, Insomniac would have a lot of fun here.

mystique marvel

5) Ant Man

Much like the unique abilities of Mystique, never before explored in a video game, Insomniac could make history with the adaptation of Ant-Man’s suit powers, allowing him to shrink and grow according to his needs.This could make for some interesting main story and side missions, as your mastering of this ability, and the ability to control ants, could come in quite handy. Whether it’s his relationship with The Wasp, or learning how to control the powers bestowed on him with the suit, there are many options for an engaging story as well. Though swinging around New York as Spidey is a damn good time, can you imagine just how awesome it would be to shrink and grow from one area of the map to another and what that could mean for creation of this world?

ant man marvel

4) The Hulk

Despite being a major character of the Avengers, Bruce Banner aka the Hulk has never really gotten a good showing in a movie or video game of his own. Now is the time to change that however, as the dual personality of this character gives Insomniac a lot to play around and experiment with. With his superhuman strength, incredible speed and leaping abilities, impenetrable skin, regeneration abilities if and when required, and extreme intelligence, The Incredible Hulk has some fantastic skills to work with and these alone would make for a great variety of combat and game mechanics best suited for an open world title. Plus, Insomniac could spice up his wardrobe with more than a pair of ripped pants. Much like Ant Man’s suit with a flexible molecular structure, it would be interesting to see a few different options on display for the Hulk. After all how awesome would it be to Hulk Smash something into oblivion wearing some badass armor? Anyone?

the hulk marvel