10 of The Very Best Nintendo Switch Games You’ve Never Played

10 Amazing Hidden Gems for the Nintendo Switch You Probably Never Played

Are you bored in the house and done all the cleaning, and Netflixing as much as you possibly can? If that’s the case and you’re looking to pick up some must-play games for the Nintendo Switch, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Whether you’re a proud new owner of the Switch or you’ve had one for a while we’ve come up with a list of the 10 best hidden gems for it. We’re talking about games that you’ve probably never heard of and if you have, you’ve probably never given them a go. These ten indie titles are some of the best experiences you’ll ever have on the Nintendo Switch, so why not take a gander?

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10) Two Point Hospital

If you’re a fan of a building sim this is going to be exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. With Two Point Hospital you’ll be able to build and design hospitals however you’d like them, whether you want it to be fancy or practical, and it’s even more involved than that. Not only are you building the hospital and making sure it stays running perfectly, the people of Two Point County are relying on you to help cure illnesses and see to all the patients. It’s likely that you’ll start playing this and suddenly look at the clock hours later, wondering just how time just flew by and that’s the beauty of such a game. With an 85 average rating on Metacritic, there isn’t exactly much left to think about here, is there?

9) West of Loathing

You’ve probably never even heard about West of Loathing and what’s interesting is that this little gem of a game actually won an award as the best comedy game of the year when it was released on PC in 2017. Critics and fans alike have had nothing but great things to say about it. Just take a look at the metacritic score for proof; it’s sitting at an impressive 85. So what exactly is West of Loathing? It’s a slapstick comedy adventure RPG that’s set in the open world of the wild west and with lots to get lost in. There’s cowboy skeletons, demon cows, and that’s just the beginning. Throughout your time with this game you’ll meet a slew of colorful characters that are sure to keep you laughing. And the best part about this game is that it’s just $11 USD!

8) Iconoclasts 

Looking to dive into a game where the gameplay and aesthetics remind you of the good ol’ days playing Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo? Iconoclasts is exactly that and more. Play as a teenage unlicensed mechanic who’s being hunted by the government in this gorgeous pixel side-scrolling platformer that tells the story of purpose, faith, and the challenge of helping others. The narrative is deep and thoughtful, with a variety of well-developed NPCs and there’s just enough humor thrown into the mix to make it even more interesting. If you’re looking for an emotional ride that’ll take you hours to finish and will leave you thinking about it for hours, days after you’ve completed it, Iconoclasts is definitely a must-play. 

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