10 of The Very Best Nintendo Switch Games You’ve Never Played

7) Into the Breach

If it wasn’t clear that Into the Breach is a strategy game head and shoulders above the rest, any doubt was quashed when it earned the Game Award for Best Strategy Game in 2018. Human civilization is being threatened by gigantic alien creatures and it’s up to you, a team of time traveling mech pilots, to put a stop to it. Be careful though, as mistakes will not be tolerated with such an important task at hand. Into the Breach, though seemingly very simplistic, adds a ton of challenges to the gameplay, and it does so all while looking and sounding pretty damn stylish.  If you’re a fan of strategy or quick rogue-likes, and are looking to get completely absorbed in a game for days, weeks, or even months, look no further because Into the Breach will certainly scratch that itch.

Into The Breach

6) Night in the Woods

Much like Iconoclasts, Night in the Woods has a very impressive and involved story. In fact, it took home the BAFTA Games Award for its narrative in 2018 and with very good reason. This game is a 2D narrative-driven adventure game with both platformer and point-and-click features, that will hit you right in the feels. Mae returns to her home of Possum Springs to reconnect with friends and finds the town is a lot different than when she left for college. The game is colorful and vibrant, but also eerie and while you might think the graphics are cute, this game is all about the tone, and man did Infinite Fall absolutely nail that at every twist and turn of Night in the Woods. If you’re looking for an emotionally involved game that’s on the same level as titles like Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, and Life is Strange, without a doubt Night in the Woods should be at the very top of your must-play list. 

5) Undertale

Undertale, from indie developer Toby Fox, is a funny and heartwarming RPG that will suck you in from the start. After falling into the underworld you must make your way back to the Earth’s surface. It might not be as easy as you thought however, as you’ll meet a ton of dangerous monsters along the way. That said, you don’t necessarily have to meet them with violence. In fact, Undertale gives you the option to make your way back up to the surface without destroying a single monster. And if it sounds intriguing, that’s because it is. Instead of beating the crap out of every monster you meet, you can choose to dance or cook with them, go on a date with a skeleton; whatever suits your fancy. In this game, the future rests solely in your hands. If you weren’t convinced this was a game worth your time already, the Metacritic average says it all with a whopping 93! What are you waiting for?

4) The Messenger

If you want some serious Ninja Gaiden vibes, The Messenger is here to deliver. When a demon army invades his village a young ninja starts on an adventure to save his entire clan. His mission is simple, he must travel through space and time to deliver a scroll. There doesn’t seem to be enough good things to say about The Messenger and that’s because the game offers up a whole lot in a small package. This retro side-scrolling action platformer is full of humor, has a fantastic soundtrack and kickass action, and completely reinvents the wheel by switching between 8-bit and 16-bit formats. The Messenger delivers a seriously interesting and unique experience that’s fun from start to finish; you won’t be disappointed if you scoop this one up. I mean, it certainly didn’t win the Game Award for Best Debut Indie Game of 2018 for nothing.

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