10 Beginner Tips for Surviving the BioShock Collection

BioShock 2 Tips

4. Burn That Wallet

BioShock 2 will continue the tone of Rapture but it definitely ramps up the difficulty and skill necessary to keep going, this time as Delta, an early model Big Daddy. You won’t find the same abundance of health or Eve in this one, but you will easily have an over-flowing wallet of coin. One of the smartest things you can do is use every vending machine you encounter to restock on supplies, ammo, whatever you can. Your wallet is going to fill back up very quickly.

5. Rivet Traps Are Your Friend

As Delta, you’ll be adopting Little Sisters who can’t wait to harvest delicious Adam from dead bodies. This leaves her vulnerable and begins something of a mini-game where you’ll need to defend her position while splicers and all manner of nasties try to take her down for that sweet sweet Adam. Once you locate a body, you can scope the place out to see where enemies will most likely come from and (almost) nothing is as useful in Delta’s arsenal for these situations as the Rivet Trap. Fire this into choke points, doorways, direct paths, wherever. As soon as the beam of light is broken it will explode for decent damage and will become a godsend later on. I have never been much of a “trap” gamer but these items are cheap and effective, you’d be blind not to keep these stocked up.

BioShock Little Sister

6. Think Like a Big Daddy

Right out of the gate you are going to feel the difference of being Delta. Your melee is replaced with the giant drill, every weapon can be used for a melee strike, and you’ll take significantly less damage than you had before in the previous game. I played BioShock using cover and moving tactically, especially when dealing with a Big Daddy. This time, however, I could be more aggressive and play Delta much like I had seen the Daddy’s behaving before. Be aggressive, charge the enemy, use the drill, and definitely use plasmids as often as you can. Delta is more powerful than you might be used to playing and depending on how you build him with plasmids and tonics, he’s going to live up to being a living tank.

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