10 Beginner Tips for Surviving the BioShock Collection

BioShock Infinite

7. Enjoy That Gold Finish

The BioShock Collection includes all of the DLC content previously released. Early on in BioShock Infinite you’ll discover this includes having the Golden Pistol and Golden Machine Gun. Both of these weapons not only look gorgeous but they pack a serious punch for damage. There is no way to turn these off which has upset some players, but that power in your hand is a great advantage you just might want to hold onto when you come face to face with a Handyman.

bioshock gold pistol

8. The Best Offense…

Upgrading your three major stats (health, salts, and the new shields) boils down to discovering bottles which appear to be phasing in and out of reality and changing colors as they do so. While you might be tempted to overload your health or salts, shields are an incredibly invaluable upgrade to have. Not only do these temporary hit points let you absorb some solid damage, it regenerates at a fantastic rate. Pretty hard to make you bleed out if they can’t get through your shield! Keep that Shield at your highest stat by at least one point if you can.

9. You’ll Find This Quite Invigorating

In BioShock Infinite, Plasmids are replaced with Vigor, powered not by Eve but Salts. The game also features a completely new set of powers in its Vigors, and much like in the original Bioshock you’ll have an abundance of salts available to you, especially as you begin journeying with Elizabeth who will frequently hand you whatever you seem to be low on at the time. What does this mean for you? Use those powers, and often. Devil’s Kiss lets you throw explosive flaming grenades, Shock Jokey lets you paralyze your enemies, etc. Don’t be afraid to let Booker unleash his inner demons and blast enemies with the latest and greatest Vigors.

10. Your Best Friend is a Murder of Crows

Hands down the single most effective Vigor for me has been the Murderous Crows, particularly after a few upgrades. These crows quickly travel a great distance, making enemies vulnerable AND distracted so they take extra damage and aren’t fighting back. With a further upgrade, anyone killed while being attacked by crows will leave a crows nest – a trap that, should another enemy walk nearby, they will automatically be attacked by crows, and so the cycle can continue. It is a fantastic way to clear a crowd of enemies and should always be in your back pocket.

bioshock crows

What do you think? Do you have any spoiler-free pointers to share with your fellow gamers who have yet to play BioShock? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below. The BioShock Collection is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will be making its way to Nintendo Switch on May 29th. Be sure to stick around for COGconnected’s full review!

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