TimeLost Just Released a New Trailer Ahead of Steam Next Fest

Let the Fight Begin in TimeLost

AfterPrime Studio just dropped a new gameplay trailer of TimeLost ahead of next week’s Steam Next Fest event. The game will be participating in their new Demo starting June 10th. There will also be a live stream all week on their Steam store page.

TimeLost is a third-person competitive action fighter game. Players will step inside the driver’s seat of their abilities which requires quick thinking and precise execution. Weapon swapping serves as the core of the combat system. Every decision counts as you dodge, block, and disrupt enemy maneuvers on your way to victory.

Enter the arena with two weapons, each enhancing your playstyle with their unique skills. Note that each weapon affects your total health and dodge type, either positively or negatively. So, you need to plan your builds carefully.

To gain an edge in combat, you must master dodging. Dodging briefly grants you invincibility, preventing damage or debuffs. You can perform a Light, Medium, or Heavy dodge, each varying in distance and stamina usage. Your dodge type depends on your total health pool, which is influenced by your weapon choices.

Blocking damage will use your stamina before your health. If an ability exhausts your stamina while blocking, you’ll briefly enter a blockbroken state. Shields reduce stamina damage more than other weapons. Stimulants like Health Stims are active on-use items with a set number of uses per fight, resetting each round. The number of uses varies among stimulants. Upgrade Chips are passive skills that you can add to your loadout to complement Stimulants.

The Black Market is the in-game shop where you purchase new weapons, stimulants, upgrade chips, and other visual aesthetics to customize your character and weapons. Earn currency by competing in matches, with extra rewards for winning.