Above Snakes Officially Announced for Consoles

A Wild West Adventure Awaits in Above Snakes

Square Glade Games has announced that Above Snakes has begun its journey to all leading consoles. The game will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. It is the debut game for the developer Square Glade Games, with which RedDeer.Games have just established a partnership.

Above Snakes

Above Snakes is a sandbox survival game that masterfully blends open-world creation, gentle survival, and building. All this combined with the native, unspoiled power of the Wild West. It draws heavy inspiration from the tumultuous period of the conquest of the Wild West of North America. If you are a fan of slow-paced settling, construction, farming, and survival, then you should check this one out.

“Marc [co-founder] and I, we are both very excited to bring Above Snakes to console players. This has been a dream of ours since the start of the project and we are happy to be able to do this together with RedDeer.Games. We are confident that many in our community will share our excitement!” – Tobi, Co-Founder of Square Glade Games.

Above Snakes will offer players with many possibilities, plenty of excitement, and hours of fun. The story focuses on a young woman trying to survive amid the dangerous complexities of the newly developing world.

You will start from scratch, creating a completely custom world with diverse biomes. Along the way, you will explore detailed environments, collect resources, as well as build a household. You can also craft, harvest, fish, hunt and even fight the so-called Lost Souls.

The release date of the game will be announced later this year. It is already available on PC via Steam for those eager to step inside this Wild West world. Make sure to check out the official console announcement video below.