Fit My Zoo Is Arriving on Nintendo Switch Next Week

Meet Wacky Animals in Fit My Zoo

The award-winning developer and publisher RedDeer.Games have announced the release date for their upcoming title, Fit My Zoo for Nintendo Switch. This fun arcade puzzle game will arrive on the platform on 14 June 2024. Get ready to go on a holiday with many wacky animals trying to fit on a pool floatie.

Fit My Zoo

Imagine this: you and your zoo buddies are out on a lavish holiday to an exclusive hotel with a sprawling pool oasis. But there is a problem, they are all trying to fit on a colossal floatie. Now, it is up to you to help them make it work. Your sole mission is to cozy up your crew of animals.

Every level plays out as a menagerie of creatures, each desperate for a spot to lounge and unwind on the floatie. Prepare yourself to take care of 28 different species. It ranges from slinky snakes to cuddly pandas, regal lions to quirky capybaras, and more.

Key features:

– Dive into a whopping 96 levels, just shy of the 100 mark!
– Encounter 28 unique animals, each with its personality and designated spots on various levels.
– Prepare to be tickled pink by the hilarious antics of these animated critters, all lovingly hand-drawn by our talented artist.
– Immerse yourself in the laid-back vibes of a summer safari – it’s the ultimate getaway!
– Enjoy the breezy and relaxing mechanics designed to keep the fun flowing.
– And yes, brace yourself for some wildcat appearances. But they’re a tad more daring than your run-of-the-mill house cats from Fit My Cat.

So, are you ready for this amazing adventure full of laughter, relaxation, and the untamed charm of our beloved animal buddies.